Surtees: “Enzo Ferrari lived in a world of ignorance”

The late, great John Surtees features in the first Torque On teaser.

Ahead of the first Torque On podcast in January, we are releasing several special teasers using archive interviews. We went to Twitter (@GregHainesTV) to decide who should be featured first, with the clear winner being John Surtees who discussed his old boss, Enzo Ferrari, and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

“One of the problems was that Mr. Ferrari lived a little bit in a world of ignorance, apart from what people thought he needed to hear,” Surtees told Greg in 2012. “You didn’t have detailed television and all of the reports and in-depth information made available as you have today; today, everything is very open and obvious.

“We had our highs and lows together. Unfortunately, we probably lost two or three championships because of what happened. Certainly, we had potential to win those if we had continued on the road that was open to us, but that wasn’t to be because of political things.”

The words of John Surtees can be listened to now in Torque On teaser #1: