Torque On podcast to begin in January will launch a new motorsport podcast from January 2018. The all-new show, named Torque On, will mark a decade in motorsport for Greg Haines.

The initial idea for the show was revealed back in August, although until now it was yet to receive a name or exact indication as to when the first podcast would be out.

“2018 will mark my tenth season working full-time in motor racing,” Greg comments. “Working as a journalist and now TV commentator has given me the pleasure to meet some very interesting, exciting and unusual people! It’s one thing to read what somebody has said in an article, but quite another to be able to actually listen to it.

“The idea of the Torque On podcast is for fans to be able to listen in for ten minutes when driving to work or while waiting for a bus or train. Hopefully people will enjoy it!”

Greg Haines, 28, is a lifelong motorsport fan on both two wheels and four. He has worked in the industry from the age of 19, first as a journalist and since 2013 as a television commentator. He has covered series ranging from F1 to MotoGP and is now the voice of the World Superbike Championship on Eurosport.

For questions regarding the new Torque On podcast or if you are interested in being a guest on the show, please contact Greg Haines through